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Get list of all EMR cluster Ids accessible by the authenticated user. 

NOTE: APIs for EMR clusters apply only to instances of the Trifacta® platform that are integrated with Amazon EMR clusters. These APIs can be used to manage switching between EMR clusters when needed.

NOTE: There can be only one EMR cluster registered with the platform at any time. The registered cluster is always the active one.

Version:  v4

Required Permissions

NOTE: Each request to the Trifacta® platform must include authentication credentials. See API Authentication.


Request Type: GET



Request URI - Example:


Request Body:



Response Status Code - Success:  200 - OK

Response Body Example:

    "data": [
            "id": 22109999,
            "emrClusterId": "a-2BEJOQHVRZ7BZ",
            "resourceBucket": "2dog-testing-emr",
            "resourcePath": "",
            "region": "us-west-2",
            "createdAt": "2019-01-23T17:16:46.000Z",
            "updatedAt": "2019-01-23T17:16:46.000Z"
            "id": 10419999,
            "emrClusterId": "a-2CEKR9HVRK9H0",
            "resourceBucket": "2dog-testing-emr",
            "resourcePath": "",
            "region": "us-west-2",
            "createdAt": "2019-01-23T14:27:26.000Z",
            "updatedAt": "2019-01-23T14:27:26.000Z"


For more information, see API EMRClusters Get v4.

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