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Release 6.4.2



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As of Release 6.4, the v3 APIs are End of Life (EOL). Before using this release or a later one, you should migrate to using the latest available API version. For more information, see API Version Support Matrix.
Latest version of this endpoint: API ImportedDatasets Get v4.


Get the specified imported dataset.

Version: v3

Required Permissions

NOTE: Each request to the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform must include authentication credentials. See


Request Type: GET




<id>Internal identifier for the imported dataset

Endpoint with embedded reference:

Use the following embedded reference to embed in the response data about the connection used to acquire the source dataset if it was created from a Hive or relational connection. 


Request URI - Example:


Request Body:



Response Status Code - Success: 200 - OK

Response Body Example:

  "id": 196,
  "size": "-1",
  "path": null,
  "isSharedWithAll": false,
  "type": "jdbc",
  "bucket": null,
  "isSchematized": true,
  "createdAt": "2017-02-17T19:07:12.757Z",
  "updatedAt": "2017-02-17T19:09:10.117Z",
  "createdBy": 1,
  "updatedBy": 1,
  "name": "SQL Dataset 1 – 4",
  "description": null,
  "connection": {
    "id": 7
  "parsingRecipe": {
    "id": 378
  "relationalSource": {
    "relationalPath": null,
    "columns": null,
    "filter": null,
    "raw": [
      "SELECT INST#,BUCKET#,INST_LOB# FROM \"AUDSYS\".\"CLI_SWP$7395268a$1$1\""
    "id": 109,
    "tableName": null,
    "createdAt": "2017-02-17T19:07:12.767Z",
    "updatedAt": "2017-02-17T19:07:12.767Z",
    "datasourceId": 196

Response Body Example with embedded reference:

The following response includes embedded information on the connection used to import the data.

  "id": 313,
  "size": "35651584",
  "path": null,
  "isSharedWithAll": false,
  "type": "jdbc",
  "bucket": null,
  "isSchematized": true,
  "createdAt": "2017-02-22T23:33:54.400Z",
  "updatedAt": "2017-02-22T23:34:18.148Z",
  "createdBy": 1,
  "updatedBy": 1,
  "name": "TestOracleDS",
  "description": null,
  "connection": {
    "id": 7,
    "name": "Oracle",
    "description": "",
    "type": "jdbc",
    "createdBy": 1,
    "isGlobal": true,
    "credentialType": "basic",
    "createdAt": "2017-01-11T01:21:54.950Z",
    "updatedAt": "2017-01-11T01:22:20.107Z",
    "updatedBy": 1
  "parsingRecipe": {
    "id": 645
  "relationalSource": {
    "relationalPath": [
    "columns": [
    "filter": null,
    "raw": null,
    "id": 121,
    "tableName": "CLI_SWP$7395268a$1$1",
    "createdAt": "2017-02-22T23:33:54.406Z",
    "updatedAt": "2017-02-22T23:33:54.406Z",
    "datasourceId": 313


Common Properties:

The following properties are common to file-based and JDBC datasets.

idInternal identifier of the imported dataset
sizeSize of the source file in bytes (if applicable)

For HDFS and S3 file sources, this value defines the path to the source.

For JDBC sources, this value is not specified.

isSharedWithAllIf true, the source is shared among all users of the platform.

Identifies where the type of storage where the source is located. Values:

  • hdfs
  • s3
  • jdbc
bucket(If type=s3) Bucket on S3 where source is stored.
isSchematized(If source file is avro, or type=jdbc) If true, schema information is available for the source.
createdAtTimestamp for when the dataset was imported
UpdatedAtTimestamp for when the dataset was last updated
createdByInternal identifier of the user who created the imported dataset
updatedByInternal identifier of the user who last updated the imported dataset
nameInternal name of the imported dataset
descriptionUser-friendly description for the imported dataset

Internal identifier of the connection to the server hosting the dataset.

If this value is null, the file was uploaded from a local file system.

To acquire the entire connection for this dataset, you can use either of the following endpoints:


For more information, see API Connections Get v3.


Internal identifier of the recipe that is used to parse the imported dataset for wrangling.

Hive or Relational Source:

If the source data is from Hive or a relational system (type=jdbc), the following properties contain information on the source table, the imported columns, and any custom SQL filters applied to the table:


Name of the database from which the source was queried.

If a custom SQL query has been applied, this value is null.


List of columns imported from the source, pre-filtered.

If a custom SQL query has been applied, this value is null.

filterThis value is empty.

If custom SQL has been applied to the data source to filter the data before it is imported, all SQL statements are listed.

For more information, see Enable Custom SQL Query.

idInternal identifier for the relational source

Name of the table from which the data is extracted.

If a custom SQL query has been applied, this value is null.

createdAtTimestamp for when the source was imported
updatedAtTimestamp for when the source was last updated

Internal identifier for the datasource.


File-based datasets support the common properties only.

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