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Release 6.4.2



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This document describes how to migrate your existing usage of the v3 endpoints to their v4 equivalents. 

As of Release 6.4, the v3 endpoints have reached End of Life (EOL) and are longer be available in the product. You must migrate your API endpoint usage to v4 immediately.

This section contains a mapping of documentation between the publicly available v3 endpoints and their v4 equivalents.

NOTE: Except as noted, these v3 behaviors should be reflected in the v4 endpoints. Please be sure to review the notes.



Version-independent (vX) URI to the endpoint.

:id indicates that a numerical internal identifier for the relevant object must be included.

MethodREST method to execute
v3 DocumentationLink to v3 version of the documentation for the endpoint
v4 DocumentationLink to v4 version of the documentation for the endpoint
NotesAny key notes on the changes between v3 and v4


URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes

API Connections Create v3

API Connections Create v4

  • Changes to request body
  • Changes to response body (connection object)

API Connections Get List v3

API Connections Get List v4

/vX/connections/:idGETAPI Connections Get v3API Connections Get v4
  • Reference content on new version of connection object
/vX/connections/:id/statusGETAPI Connections Get Status v3

API Connections Get Status v4



API Connections Delete v3

API Connections Delete v4


Datasets and Recipes

URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes
/vX/importedDatasetsPOSTAPI ImportedDatasets Create v3API ImportedDatasets Create v4
  • More parameters returned in the generated object
/vX/importedDatasetsGETAPI ImportedDatasets Get List v3API ImportedDatasets Get List v4 
/vX/importedDatasets/:id GET

API ImportedDatasets Get v3

API ImportedDatasets Get v4

  • More available parameters in the new version of the importedDatasets object
/vX/importedDatasets/:id DELETEAPI ImportedDatasets Delete v3API ImportedDatasets Delete v4 
/vX/importedDatasets/:id/addToFlowPOSTAPI ImportedDatasets Post AddToFlow v3API ImportedDatasets Post AddToFlow v4
  • More returned parameters in the generated object
/vX/wrangledDatasetsPOSTAPI WrangledDatasets Create v3API WrangledDatasets Create v4
  • Different set of parameters returned in the generated object
/vX/wrangledDatasetsGETAPI WrangledDatasets Get List v3  API WrangledDatasets Get List v4   
/vX/wrangledDatasets/:id GETAPI WrangledDatasets Get v3API WrangledDatasets Get v4
  • Different set of parameters returned in the object
/vX/wrangledDatasets/:idDELETEAPI WrangledDatasets Delete v3API WrangledDatasets Delete v4 
/vX/wrangledDatasets/:id/primaryInputDatasetGETAPI WrangledDatasets Get PrimaryInputDataset v3API WrangledDatasets Get PrimaryInputDataset v4
  • More information is returned about the primary input dataset
/vX/wrangledDatasets/:id/primaryInputDataset PUTAPI WrangledDatasets Put PrimaryInputDataset v3API WrangledDatasets Put PrimaryInputDataset v4
  • More information is returned about the primary input dataset


URIMethodv4 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes
/vX/flowsPOSTAPI Flows Create v3API Flows Create v4 
/vX/flowsGETAPI Flows Get List v3API Flows Get List v4 
/vX/flows/:id GETAPI Flows Get v3API Flows Get v4
  • associatedPeople parameters from v3 are no longer available.
/vX/flows/:id PATCHAPI Flows Patch v3API Flows Patch v4 
/vX/flows/:idDELETEAPI Flows Delete v3API Flows Delete v4 

Flow import and export

URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes
/vX/flows/package/dryRunPOSTAPI Flows Package Post DryRun v3API Flows Package Post DryRun v4 
/vX/flows/packagePOSTAPI Flows Package Post v3API Flows Package Post v4
  • More parameters returned in the generated object
/vX/flows/:id/package/dryRunGETAPI Flows Package Get DryRun v3API Flows Package Get DryRun v4 
/vX/flows/:id/packageGETAPI Flows Package Get v3API Flows Package Get v4 

Jobgroups and Jobs

URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes

API JobGroups Create v3

API JobGroups Create v4

  • v4 version supports adding overrides for datasets with parameters through API endpoint
/v4/jobGroupsGETAPI JobGroups Get List v3API JobGroups Get List v4
  • Returned information in v4 version includes runtime parameter overrides that were applied
/v4/jobGroups/:id GET

API JobGroups Get v3

API JobGroups Get v4

/v4/jobGroups//:id/jobs GETAPI JobGroups Get Jobs v3API JobGroups Get Jobs v4
  • Leaner and more informative response in v4
/v4/jobGroups/:id/status GETAPI JobGroups Get Status v3

status field in:

API JobGroups Get v4

  • No v4 equivalent of v3 endpoint
/v4/jobGroups/:id/publishPUTAPI JobGroups Put Publish v3API JobGroups Put Publish v4 
/v4/jobGroups/:idDELETEAPI JobGroups Delete v3API JobGroups Delete v4 

Deployments and Releases


URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes
/vX/peoplePOSTAPI People Create v3API People Create v4
  • Same set of required parameters
  • More available parameters through v4 endpoint
/vX/peopleGETAPI People Get List v3API People Get List v4 
/vX/people:id PATCHAPI People Patch v3API People Patch v4
  • More editable parameters
/vX/people/:idGETAPI People Get v3API People Get v4
  • More parameters available in the user object
/vX/people/:idDELETEAPI People Delete v3API People Delete v4 

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