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Release 6.4.2




To centralize common enablement configuration on a per-workspace basis, a number of configuration properties are being migrated from trifacta-conf.json into the Alteryx® application.

To assist administrators in managing these settings, these section provides a per-release set of updates and a map of old properties to new settings.

  • These settings now appear in the Workspace Admin page. To access, from the left menu bar select Settings menu > Settings > Workspace Admin.
  • For more information, see Workspace Admin Page.

Release Updates

Release 6.4.1

Following parameter was moved in this release:

Admin Settings or trifacta-conf.json setting

Workspace Admin settingUpdate
webapp.connectivity.customSQLQuery.enabledEnable custom SQL queryFeature is now enabled at the workspace or tier level. For more information on this feature, see Enable Custom SQL Query.
webapp.enableTypecastOutputSchematized outputFeature is now enabled at the workspace or tier level. For more information, see Miscellaneous Configuration.

Release 6.4

Parameters from Release 6.0 that are no longer available in the Workspace Admin page are now enabled by default for all users.

Some new features for this release may be enabled or disabled through the Workspace Admin page.

See Workspace Admin Page.

Release 6.0

Initial release of the Workspace Admin page. See below for configuration mapping.

Configuration Mapping

The following mapping between old trifacta-conf.json settings and new Workspace Admin settings is accurate for the current release.

Admin Settings or trifacta-conf.json setting

Workspace Admin settingUpdate
webapp.walkthrough.enabledProduct walkthroughs
webapp.session.durationInMinsSession duration
webapp.enableDataDownloadSample downloads
webapp.enableUserPathModificationAllow the user to modify their paths
webapp.enableSelfServicePasswordResetEnable self service password reset
outputFormats.ParquetParquet output format
outputFormats.JSONJSON output format
outputFormats.CSVCSV output format
outputFormats.AvroAvro output format
outputFormats.TDETDE output format
feature.scheduling.enabledEnable Scheduling feature
feature.scheduling.schedulingManagementUIScheduling management UI (experimental)Now hidden.
feature.scheduling.upgradeUIShow users a modal to upgrade to a plan with SchedulingNow hidden.
feature.sendFlowToOtherPeople.enabledAllow users to send copies of flows to other users
feature.flowSharing.enabledEnable Flow Sharing feature
feature.flowSharing.upgradeUIShow users a modal to upgrade to a plan with Flow SharingNow hidden.
feature.enableFlowExportAllow users to export their flows
feature.enableFlowImportAllow users to import flows into the platform
feature.hideAddPublishingActionOptionsForbid users to add non-default publishing actions
feature.hideUnderlyingFileSystemHide underlying file system to users
feature.publishEnabledEnable publishing
feature.rangeJoin.enabledEnable UI for range join
feature.showDatasourceTabsShow datasource tabs in the application
feature.showFileLocationShow file location
feature.showOutputHomeDirectoryShow output directory in profile view
feature.showUploadDirectoryShow upload directory in profile view
metadata.brandingBranding to use in-product for this deploymentNow hidden.
webapp.connectivity.enabledEnable Connectivity feature
webapp.connectivity.upgradeUIShow users a modal to upgrade to a plan with Connectivity
feature.apiAccessTokens.enabledAPI Access Token

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