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Release 6.4.2




Changes for Release 6.4

The command line interface (CLI) is now removed from the platform. CLI content is included in this release to assist with migration to the v4 APIs. For more information, see CLI Migration to APIs.

Legacy versions or instances of the CLI on the Alteryx® node are not supported for use with Release 6.4 and later of the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform.

Changes for Release 6.0

In the next release of Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition after Release 6.0, the Command Line Interface (CLI) will reach its End of Life (EOL). The tools will no longer be included in the software distribution and will not be supported for use against the software platform. You should transition away from using the CLI as soon as possible. For more information, see CLI Migration to APIs.

Changes for Release 5.1


Changes for Release 5.0

CLI for Connections does not support Redshift and SQL DW connections

In Release 5.0, the management of Redshift and SQL DW connections through the CLI for Connections is not supported.

NOTE: Please create Redshift and SQL DW connections through the application. See Connections Page.

Changes for Release 4.2

All CLI scripts with relational connections must be redownloaded

Each CLI script that references a dataset through a connection to run a job must be re-downloaded from the application in Release 4.2.

Scripts from Release 4.1 that utilize the run_job command do not work in Release 4.2.

Requirements for Release 4.2 and later:

  1. In the executing environment for the CLI script, the relational (JDBC) connection must exist and must be accessible to the user running the job.
  2. When the CLI script is downloaded from the application, the connection ID in the datasources.tsv must be replaced by a corresponding connection ID from the new environment.
    1. Connection identifiers can be retrieved using the list_connections command from the CLI. See CLI for Connections.

After the above changes have been applied to the CLI script, it should work as expected in Release 4.2. For more information, see Run job in CLI for Jobs

Redshift credentials format has changed

In Release 4.1.1 and earlier, the credentials file used for Redshift connection was similar to the following:

 "awsAccessKeyId": "<your_awsAccessKeyId>",
 "awsSecretAccessKey": "<your_awsSecretAccessKey>",
 "user": "<your_user>",
 "password": "<your_password>"

In Release 4.2:

  • The AWS key and secret, which were stored in trifacta-conf.json, do not need to be replicated in the Redshift credentials file. 
  • The Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform now supports EC2 role-based instance authentication. This configuration can be optionally included in the credentials file.

The credentials file format looks like the following:

  "user": "<your_user>",
  "password": "<your_password>",
  "iamRoleArn": "<your_IAM_role_ARN>"

NOTE: For security purposes, you may wish to remove the AWS key/secret information from the Redshift credentials file.

NOTE: iamRoleArn is optional. For more information on using IAM roles, see Configure for EC2 Role-Based Authentication.

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