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Release 6.4.2




Browser Requirements

These requirements apply to Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition, which interacts with the platform through the browser.

Access to the platform requires Google Chrome. For more information, see

NOTE: Parts of the application may become hidden or distorted unless zoom level is set to 100%.

NOTE: In some cases, ad blocking extensions in your browser, such as AdBlock, can interfere with features of the product. If you are experiencing issues with some Alteryx features, you may need to disable any ad blockers.

NOTE: Multiple browser tabs or windows open to different versions of the product is not supported.

NOTE: If you are using the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application, an installed instance of Chrome is not required. Additional requirements are listed below.

Google Chrome Requirements

Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition requires the use of Google-supported client extensions. Supported desktop Google Chrome clients:

WebAssembly client extension

No other configuration is required.


In this release, the following limitations apply to use of WebAssembly:

  • The current implementation of WebAssembly in this release is single-threaded, and performance may be impacted. 
    • Google has not yet implemented multi-threaded WebAssembly. 

    • When multi-threading is available, the Trifacta Photon client will feature multi-threading.

  • Progress bars are not displayed for actions in the Transformer page. This is a known issue.

Browser versions

Version: Google Chrome v.74, v.75, and any stable of version that is released prior to the next release of Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition.

NOTE: To access Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition you must use a supported desktop version of the Google Chrome browser, unless you are using Wrangler Enterprise desktop application.

NOTE: Mobile browsers and Google Chromebook are not supported.


By default, the web client uses port 3005.

For more information on required client ports, see System Ports.

Desktop Requirements

The following requirements apply to your local system.

General Requirements

  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor or newer (SSE2 or newer is required)
  • 4 GB RAM

    Tip: At least 8 GB RAM is recommended.

  • 2 GB hard disk space
  • 1280 x 720 screen resolution and above

  • Internet connection (DSL or better)

    NOTE: Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition does not support connection through non-transparent or unauthenticated proxies. If you receive "Remote server timed out" error messages, you may need to re-connect through a network without a proxy.

Wrangler Enterprise desktop application Requirements

NOTE: The Wrangler Enterprise desktop application may be deprecated in a future release, when additional browsers are supported.

The Wrangler Enterprise desktop application can be used locally to interact with  Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition and can be installed in your local environment. Please verify that the following requirements are met.

System requirements

In addition to the general desktop requirements, the following requirements apply to the Wrangler Enterprise desktop application:

  • 8 GB RAM minimum

Windows requirements

Windows execution

When the installation is completed, most users should be able to launch the local application without issues. If you are experiencing issues launching the application, please verify that all DLL and EXE files in the following directory are executable:

Tip: This requirement typically applies to more secure environments. Most desktop users should not have to modify permissions.

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Trifacta\Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise\

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