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This example covers the following functions:


Here are some student test scores. Individual scores are stored in the Scores column. You want to:

  1. Flag the students who have not taken four tests.
  2. Compute the range in scores for each student.
AllenAmanda[79, 83,87,81]
BellBobby[85, 92, 94, 98]


First, you want to flag the students who did not take all four tests:

derive type:single value:IF(ARRAYLEN(Scores) < 4,"incomplete","") as:'Error'

This test flags Cameron Charles only.

The following transform sorts the array values in highest to lowest score:

set column: Scores value: ARRAYSORT(Scores, 'descending')

The following transforms extracts the first (highest) and last (lowest) value in each student's test scores, provided that they took four tests:

derive type:single value:ARRAYELEMENTAT(Scores,0) as:'highestScore'

derive type:single value:ARRAYELEMENTAT(Scores,3) as:'lowestScore'

Tip: You could also generate the Error column when the Scores4 column contains a null value. If no value exists in the array for the ARRAYELEMENTAT function, a null value is returned, which would indicate in this case an insufficient number of elements (test scores).

You can now track change in test scores:

derive type:single value:SUBTRACT(highestScore,lowestScore) as:'Score_range'


AllenAmanda[87,83,81,79] 79878
BellBobby[98,94,92,85] 859813
CharlesCameron[88,85,81]incomplete 88 
DudleyDanny[88,82,81,77] 778811
EllisEvan[93,93,91,87] 87936

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