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Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition supports an end-to-end onboarding tour, which steps new users through the entire workflow of importing, transforming, and publishing a provided dataset. This tour is available from the Home page.

As you explore areas of the application, you can choose to review shorter versions of the tour focused on your current area. These areas include:

  • Flow View page
  • Transformer page
  • Run Job page

Click Don't show me any more helpers to hide these shorter tours. They can be re-enabled again through the User Profile page.

Acquire Sample Dataset


The onboarding tour requires a specific sample dataset that is consistent for all users.

Please download from the following location:


This file must be installed in an accessible location on the base storage layer.

Before you begin, please verify that you are uploading the sample dataset to a location that is accessible to all users of the platform.


When the tour is started, an imported dataset is created from this file for each user experiencing the tour. Each Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform user account must have read access to this location. Write access is not required.

Tip: A special location in the uploads area could be a good choice.

NOTE: The account being used to upload the file should have write access to this location. You may need to change the Upload directory in the account's User Profile. See User Profile Page.



  1. Download the file to your local desktop.
  2. Upload the example dataset file:
    1. Through the product, upload from your local desktop to the designated location. See Import Data Page.
    2. From the Dataset Details page, acquire the path to the dataset. See Dataset Details Page.
    3. You can also upload the file through external tools. Please be sure to acquire the URL to the file.
  3. Insert the path in platform configuration, as described below. 


Please complete the following steps.


  1. Login to the application as an administrator.
  2. From the menu, select Settings menu > Settings > Admin Settings.
  3. Settings:

    "webapp.walkthrough.datasetPath": "<path_to_dataset_on_default_storage>",
    Specify location of the sample dataset file.
    "webapp.walkthrough.datasetProtocol": "hdfs",

    The protocol identifier to use to connect to the sample dataset file location. This protocol should match the one used to access the base storage layer. For example, HDFS is accessed using the hdfs protocol.

    Tip: You can gather this protocol identifier from the Dataset Details Page for the sample dataset.

    If the datasetProtocol is set to s3, this value defines the bucket to which to connect for accessing the sample dataset.

    "webapp.walkthrough.datasetBucket": "<S3_BUCKET_HERE>",
  4. Save your changes.


After the above configuration has been applied, you can enable the feature.


  1. Login to the application as an administrator.
  2. From the menu, select Settings menu > Settings > Workspace Admin.
  3. Set Product Walkthroughs to true.


NOTE: You should have only one window open to the application.

After you have enabled, please log out of the application. Create and login using a non-admin account.

The tour should appear on the Home page. See Home Page.

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