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Release 6.4.2



In the Macros page, you can review and manage the macros that you have created. 

Figure: Macros Page


  • Name: Name of the macro.
  • Used in: Count of flows and recipes in which the macro is used.
  • Last Updated: Timestamp for when the macro was last modified.


  • Search: Enter a string in the search box. The list of macros is updated in real-time.
  • Sort: Click the caret next to any column head to sort the list based on the column.
  • Context Menu: See below.

Context Menu Options:

  • Edit: Modify the name and description for the macro.
  • Inspect: Review the recipe steps in the macro.
  • Delete: Delete the macro.

    NOTE: When a macro is deleted, in any recipe that references it, the macro's steps are expanded into regular recipe steps. Any macro parameters are applied as static values in the expanded recipe steps.

    Deleting a macro cannot be undone.

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