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Release 6.4.2



The following options are available for configuring your storage environment.

Output Home Directory

Relative path to the directory where your results are stored by default and where your samples are stored. Click Edit to modify the home directory where results are stored.

Full path concatenates Output Protocol/Host value and this value.

Do not modify this value unless directed to do so. This path is not validated. If you specify a path to a directory to which you do not have appropriate permissions, all job exports will fail.

NOTE: Multiple users cannot share the same home directory.

NOTE: If your HDFS environment is encrypted, any location that you specify to write results for a job must be in the same encryption zone as this directory. For more information, please contact your HDFS administrator.

Upload Directory

Relative path to the directory where your uploads are stored. To modify this value, click Edit.

NOTE: This setting only applies if Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition is connected to a backend datastore.

NOTE: You cannot upload to locations to which you do not have write access.

AWS Credentials and Storage Settings

If per-user mode is enabled, this option allows workspace members to apply individual key-secret values and roles to their accounts and modify other personal storage settings. For more information, see Configure Your Access to S3

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