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Release 6.4.2



For the latest updates on available API endpoints and documentation, see

As of Release 6.4, the v3 endpoints are no longer available in the product. Please transition immediately to using the v4 equivalents. For more information, see API Migration to v4.

These endpoints apply to version 3 of the APIs for the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform.




API Connections Create v3


API Connections Get List v3

/connections/:idGETReadAPI Connections Get v3
/connections/:id/statusGETRead StatusAPI Connections Get Status v3

API Connections Delete v3

Datasets and Recipes

/importedDatasetsPOSTCreateAPI ImportedDatasets Create v3
/importedDatasetsGETListAPI ImportedDatasets Get List v3

API ImportedDatasets Get v3

/importedDatasets/:idDELETEDeleteAPI ImportedDatasets Delete v3
/importedDatasets/:id/addToFlowPOSTCreateAPI ImportedDatasets Post AddToFlow v3
/wrangledDatasetsPOSTCreateAPI WrangledDatasets Create v3
/wrangledDatasetsGETListAPI WrangledDatasets Get List v3  
/wrangledDatasets/:idGETReadAPI WrangledDatasets Get v3
/wrangledDatasets/:idDELETEDeleteAPI WrangledDatasets Delete v3
/wrangledDatasets/:id/primaryInputDatasetsGETReadAPI WrangledDatasets Get PrimaryInputDataset v3
/wrangledDatasets/:id/primaryInputDatasetsPUTUpdateAPI WrangledDatasets Put PrimaryInputDataset v3


/flowsPOSTCreateAPI Flows Create v3
/flowsGETListAPI Flows Get List v3
/flows/:idGETReadAPI Flows Get v3
/flows/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Flows Patch v3
/flows/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Flows Delete v3

Flow import and export

/flows/package/dryRunPOSTImport dry runAPI Flows Package Post DryRun v3
/flows/packagePOSTImportAPI Flows Package Post v3
/flows/:id/package/dryRunGETExport dry runAPI Flows Package Get DryRun v3
/flows/:id/packageGETExportAPI Flows Package Get v3

Jobgroups and Jobs


API JobGroups Create v3

/jobGroupsGETListAPI JobGroups Get List v3

API JobGroups Get v3

/jobGroups/:id/jobsGETReadAPI JobGroups Get Jobs v3
/jobGroups/:id/statusGETRead StatusAPI JobGroups Get Status v3
/jobGroups/:id/publishPUTCreateAPI JobGroups Put Publish v3
/jobGroups/:idDELETEDeleteAPI JobGroups Delete v3

Deployments and Releases

/deploymentsPOSTCreateAPI Deployments Create v3
/deploymentsGETListAPI Deployments Get List v3
/deployments/:idGETReadAPI Deployments Get v3
/deployments/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Patch v3
/deployments:/:id/objectImportRulesPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Object Import Rules Patch v3
/deployments:/:id/valueImportRulesPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Value Import Rules Patch v3
/deployments/:id?embed=releasesGETListAPI Deployments Get Release List v3

API Deployments Run v3

/deployments/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Deployments Delete v3
/deployments/:id/releasesPOSTCreateAPI Releases Create v3
/deployments/:id/releases/dryRunPOSTCreateAPI Releases Create DryRun v3
/releases:idGETReadAPI Releases Get v3
/releases/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Releases Patch v3
/releases/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Releases Delete v3
/releases/:id/packageGETReadAPI Releases Package Get v3


/peoplePOSTCreateAPI People Create v3
/peopleGETListAPI People Get List v3
/peoplePATCHUpdateAPI People Patch v3
/people/:idGETReadAPI People Get v3
/people/:idDELETEDeleteAPI People Delete v3


/sessionGETReadAPI Session Get

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