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ADLS access leverages HDFS protocol and storage, so additional configuration is required.


  1. You can apply this change through the Admin Settings Page (recommended) or
    . For more information, see Platform Configuration Methods.
  2. Enable ADLS as the base storage layer:

    "webapp.storageProtocol": "hdfs",
    "hdfs.enabled": true,
    "hdfs.protocolOverride": "adl",

    Sets the base storage layer for the platform. Set this value to hdfs.

    NOTE: After this parameter has been saved, you cannot modify it. You must re-install the platform to change it.

    hdfs.enabledFor ADLS blob storage, set this value to true.
    hdfs.protocolOverrideFor ADLS blob storage, this special parameter must be set to adl.
  3. These parameters specify the Azure Data Lake for the platform:

    "azure.adl.enabled": =  "true"
    "": =  "adl://"
    azure.adl.enabledTo enable access to the Azure Data Lake, set this value to true.

    Specify the value of the Azure Data Lake Store here.

    NOTE: Protocol should be set to adl://.

  4. Configure the appropriate Hadoop bundle JAR to use:

    "hadoopBundleJar": "hadoop-deps/hdp-2.6/build/libs/hdp-2.6-bundle.jar",
  5. Configure access to HDFS resources:

    "": "",
    "hdfs.namenode.port": "443",
    "": "",
    "hdfs.webhdfs.ssl.enabled": "true",
    "hdfs.webhdfs.port": "443",
    "hdfs.highavailability.serviceName": "",
    hdfs.namenode.hostHostname of the HDFS namenode
    hdfs.namenode.portPort number for the HDFS namenode
    hdfs.webhdfs.hostHostname of WebHDFS service
    hdfs.webhdfs.ssl.enabledIf SSL has been enabled on the WebHDFS host, please set this value to true. You are likely to need to set the port value to a non-default value.
    hdfs.webhdfs.portPort number of WebHDFS service
    hdfs.highavailability.serviceNameSet this value the high availability service name for HDFS, if you have enabled integration with the cluster high availability. For more information, see Enable Integration with Cluster High Availability in the Configuration Guide.
  6. Save your changes.

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