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This section provides information on how to enable and configure the Spark running environment, which leverages Spark's faster in-memory processing to deliver better execution performance.


NOTE: When a recipe containing a user-defined function is applied to text data, any non-printing (control) characters cause records to be truncated by the Spark running environment during job execution. In these cases, please execute the job on the Trifacta® Photon running environment.


  • You cannot publish through Cloudera Navigator for Spark jobs.

Enable Spark Execution Environment

The Spark execution environment is enabled by default. 

NOTE: If you have not done so already, please enable and configure the Spark Job Service. See Configure for Spark.

Use Spark Execution Environment

When Spark execution is enabled, it is available like any other execution environment in the application. When executing a job, select the Spark option from the drop-down in the Run Job page. See Run Job Page.

Change Limits

For more information on changing limits and other tuning parameters, see Configure for Spark.

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