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Release 6.8.2



After you have iterated on your recipe and generated a result that is to your satisfaction, you can export the transformed data. 


  1. In the left nav bar, click the Jobs icon.
  2. In the Jobs page, click the job identifier to open the job in the Job Details page. For more information, see Job Details Page.
  3. Click the Output Destinations tab.
  4. Export by:
    1. Direct file download: Click the file to download. From its righthand context menu, select Download result.

      NOTE: Some file types cannot be downloaded.



    2. Create new dataset: You can create a new dataset from a generated output. Click the file. From its righthand context menu, select Create imported dataset. For more information, see Build Sequence of Datasets.

    3. Publish: If the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform has been integrated with an external datastore, you can publish your results to a designated target. Click Publish. For more information, see Publishing Dialog.

Checkpoint: Done!

If you walked through this workflow in the application, you have imported, cleansed, transformed, and run a job to generate transformed results. Hopefully, this process has given you insight into the easy-to-use tools at your disposal through  Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition and how quickly they can be used to transform imported datasets into clean and actionable data for use across the enterprise.

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