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Before installing software, please complete the following steps if you are integrating with a Hadoop cluster.

Before you begin, please verify or complete the following:

  1. On the Hadoop cluster: 
    1. Create a user [hadoop.user (default=trifacta)] and a group for it [ (default=trifactausers)].
    2. Create the following directories: 
      1. /trifacta
      2. /user/trifacta
    3. Change the ownership of /trifacta and /user/trifacta to trifacta:trifacta or the corresponding values for the Hadoop user in your environment.

      NOTE:  You must verify that the [hadoop.user] user has complete ownership and full access to Read, Write and Execute on these directories recursively.

  2. Verify that WebHDFS is configured and running on the cluster.


  3. Software installation is completed on a dedicated node in the cluster. The user installing the  Trifacta software  must have sudo access.

  4. If you are installing on a server with an older instance of Postgres, you should remove the older version or change the default ports. 

For more information, see Prepare Hadoop for Integration with the Platform

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