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Release 6.8.2



PDF documentation is provided to customers in parallel with their distributed software.

NOTE: These PDFs apply to Release 6.8.2 of Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition.

GA Date: 04/27/2020

Last Update: 04/24/2020

Before You Begin:

  • Product Overview (PDF) - High-level overview of the platform can be shared internally to spread awareness.

  • Release Notes 6.8 (PDF) - Release Notes for this version. Important entry point for new features and changes since the previous release.


  • Planning Guide (PDF) - Before you install, you should review this doc, including the pre-install checklist. Info in here is also relevant for upgrades.



  • Install Guide for AWS (PDF) - Install instructions for customer-managed AWS environment.

  • Install Guide for Azure (PDF) - Install instructions for customer-managed Azure environment.

  • Databases Guide (PDF) - Install and config instructions for the Trifacta databases. Database installation should happen after the software is installed.

  • Configuration Guide (PDF) - Post-install configuration for all Install Guides, including how to integrate with job running environments and backend datastores. Additional configuration is required.


  • User Guide (PDF) - User reference manual for the Trifacta application.

  • Language Guide (PDF) - Reference guide for Wrangle (a domain-specific language for data transformation). Functions, transforms, syntax, and examples.




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