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This section contains reference information on the relevant Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform parameters that can be modified for each database. 

NOTE: Defaults are listed below. The default database server is PostgreSQL. If you have installed databases on a different server, updates are required.

NOTE: Parameters that you specify through the application must match the values that were applied to the database at the time of creation or that have been set through the database administration console.

Tip: You should modify the default password for each database.


Parameters can be modified through:

  • Admin Settings Page: If the application is working, then you are able to connect to the Alteryx database. Parameters can be modified by an administrator from within the application. See Admin Settings Page.

    Tip: This method is recommended.

  • trifacta-conf.json: If the application is not working, then an administrator must modify through the following file on the Alteryx node:
  • For more information, see Platform Configuration Methods in the Configuration Guide.

Alteryx database

"webapp.database.username": "trifacta",
"webapp.database.logging": false,
"": "trifacta",
"": "localhost",
"webapp.database.password": "<pwd_trifactaDB>",
"webapp.database.type": "postgresql",
"webapp.database.port": 5432,
"webapp.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"webapp.database.pool.maxIdleTimeInMillis": 30000,
"webapp.database.pool.maxConnections": 10,

The following parameters apply to the Alteryx database only:


Set this value to true to enable logging on the Alteryx database.

pool.maxIdleTimeInMillisSpecifies the maximum permitted idle time for a database connection before it is automatically closed.

Defines the maximum permitted database connections for the Alteryx database.

Jobs database

Modify the batch-job-runner.database settings:

"batch-job-runner.database.username": "trifactaactiviti", 
"": "trifacta-activiti", 
"batch-job-runner.database.type": "postgresql", 
"batch-job-runner.database.driver": "org.postgresql.Driver", 
"": "localhost", 
"batch-job-runner.database.password": "<pwd_trifactaactivitiDB>", 
"batch-job-runner.database.port": 5432,
"batch-job-runner.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"batch-job-runner.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"batch-job-runner.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Jobs database thread pool size

You can modify the following settings to specify minimum and maximum permitted thread pools for the Jobs database:

"batch-job-runner.database.minPoolSize": 3,
"batch-job-runner.database.initialPoolSize": 3,
"batch-job-runner.database.maxPoolSize": 50,
Parameter NameDescription
Integer representing the minimum size of the database connection pool
Integer representing the initial size of the database connection pool
Integer representing the maximum size of the database connection pool

Scheduling Service database 

"scheduling-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"scheduling-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactaschedulingservice",
"scheduling-service.database.username": "trifactaschedulingservice",
"scheduling-service.database.password": "<pwd_schedulingserviceDB>",
"scheduling-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"scheduling-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"scheduling-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Time-based Trigger Service database 

"time-based-trigger-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"time-based-trigger-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactatimebasedtriggerservice",
"time-based-trigger-service.database.username": "trifactatimebasedtriggerservice",
"time-based-trigger-service.database.password": "<pwd_triggerserviceDB>",
"time-based-trigger-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"time-based-trigger-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"time-based-trigger-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Configuration Service database 

"configuration-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"configuration-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactaconfigurationservice",
"configuration-service.database.username": "trifactaconfigurationservice",
"configuration-service.database.password": "<pwd_trifactaconfigurationserviceDB>",
"configuration-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"configuration-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"configuration-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Artifact Storage Service database

"artifact-storage-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"artifact-storage-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactaartifactstorageservice",
"artifact-storage-service.database.username": "trifactaartifactstorageservice",
"artifact-storage-service.database.password": "<pwd_trifactaartifactstorageserviceDB>",
"artifact-storage-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"artifact-storage-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"artifact-storage-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Job Metadata Service database

"job-metadata-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"job-metadata-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactajobmetadataservice",
"job-metadata-service.database.username": "trifactajobmetadataservice",
"job-metadata-service.database.password": "<pwd_trifactajobmetadataserviceDB>",
"job-metadata-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"job-metadata-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"job-metadata-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Authorization Service database

"authorization-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"authorization-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactaauthorizationservice",
"authorization-service.database.username": "trifactaauthorizationservice",
"authorization-service.database.password": "<pwd_trifactaauthorizationserviceDB>",
"authorization-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"authorization-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"authorization-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Orchestration Service database

"orchestration-service.database.type": "POSTGRESQL",
"": "localhost",
"orchestration-service.database.port": "5432",
"": "trifactaorchestrationservice",
"orchestration-service.database.username": "trifactaorchestrationservice",
"orchestration-service.database.password": "<pwd_trifactaorchestrationserviceDB>",
"orchestration-service.database.mySqlServerTimezone": "",
"orchestration-service.database.verifyServerCertificate": false,
"orchestration-service.database.poolMaxSize": 20,

Parameter Reference

The following generalized parameters apply to one or more of the databases.


Host of the database. Default value is localhost, meaning the database is hosted on the Alteryx node.


Port number for the database. Default value is 5432 for all databases, assuming that they are PostgreSQL.

Modify this value accordingly if you have installed the databases onto a different type of database server.

nameName of the database. This value should match what was used during installation.
user or usernameThe username to use to connect to the database.

Password to use to connect to the database.

NOTE: For each database, you should change the default password.

This change must also be applied on the database server.


The default database type is POSTGRESQL.

NOTE: Modify this value accordingly if you have installed the databases onto a different type of database server.

NOTE: H2 database type is used for internal testing. It is not a supported database.

driverName of the database. Do not modify.

(mySQL DBs only) If populated, the MySQL connection string for the database is augmented with the specified timezone, which overrides the default mapping/detection of the timezone.

If empty, the default MySQL timezone settings are used for the database.

NOTE: Leave this value as empty if the Alteryx node and your MySQL databases are located in the same timezone.

For more information, see Install Databases for MySQL.


When true, the local database client does not check the validity of the database server certificate when connecting.

Default is false.

NOTE: Do not modify unless necessary for connectivity.


Maximum number of threads permitted in the connection pool for the database. Default is 20.

NOTE: Do not modify unless necessary.

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