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Each user of the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform must insert their personal access token into their User Settings page. This configuration enables the user to authenticate using the Azure Databricks REST APIs, which enables the execution of jobs and, if enabled, access to a Databricks connection. 

NOTE: Each user must apply a personal access token to their User Profile. Users that do not provide a personal authentication token cannot run jobs on Azure Databricks, including transformation, sampling, and profiling jobs.

NOTE: When you reset your personal access token, your personal cluster is no longer valid, and a new cluster must be created for you. This new cluster is created when you first request access to the Azure Databricks cluster. The next time that you use interfaces that require the cluster, such as the relational browser, may take some time to load.


  1. Acquire your Azure Databricks personal access token.

    NOTE: Your Databricks personal access token must be acquired from the same region as your Azure Databricks deployment. This region name is available through the Designer Cloud application. See below.

    For more information, see

  2. Login to the application. From the menu bar, select User menu > Preferences > Databricks
  3. In the Databricks Personal Access Token field, paste your token.  

    Figure: Databricks user configuration

  4. Click Save.

Azure Databricks personal access tokens are saved in the Azure key vault.

To use a different token, click Change.

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