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Through the Admin Settings page, administrators can manage aspects of user accounts, as well as other aspects of the instance. See Admin Settings Page.

  • To make changes to individual user accounts, click Edit Users.
    NOTE: You must be an administrator to access this feature.

Important Note on Permissions

Depending on your instance, access to stored assets can be governed by multiple sets of permissions. Access can be governed by:

  • Alteryx® permissions
  • Domain authentication (e.g. SSO) permissions
  • Storage environment (e.g. Hadoop) permissions

When a Alteryx user shares a resource with another user, that second user may not have access to the underlying resource if one of the other permission sets does not provide it. In the Designer Cloud application, the issue may be surfaced as a generic read or access error, which may be difficult for end users to debug.

Tip: Where possible, you should use a single principal user for Alteryx users. If that is not possible, you should verify consistency in access permissions between Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform and the underlying storage environment.

User Account Fields

  • Name: Display name for the user.
  • Email: The value is the user ID. It must resolve to a valid, accessible email address. Some features of the platform fail to work correctly with invalid email addresses.
  • Alteryx Administrator: Set this value to true to allow the user administrator privileges.

    NOTE: You should limit the number of administrator accounts, which have extensive privileges in the application. Among them, users with this role have owner-level access to user-created objects in the workspace. For more information, see Workspace Admin Permissions.

  • Roles: Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform roles assigned to the user. See Platform Roles below.
  • SSO Principal: If SSO is enabled, set this value to be the SSO principal value associated with this user.

    NOTE: Required value for each user if SSO is enabled. See Configure SSO for AD-LDAP.

  • Hadoop Principal: If secure impersonation is enabled, set this value to be the Hadoop principal value associated with this user.

    NOTE: The user principal value should not include the realm.

    NOTE: Required value if secure impersonation is enabled. See Configure for Secure Impersonation.

    NOTE: If Kerberos is enabled, verify that all user principals that use the platform are also members of the group of the keytab user.

  • Created: Timestamp when the account was created.
  • Updated: Timestamp when the account was last modified.
  • Disabled: If true, the account is currently disabled. Else, the account is active. Edit the user to change access.
  • Last Login Time: Timestamp for when the account was last used to access the application.
    • A value of Never indicates that the account has never been used.

Edit Users

Password Reset

To reset a user's account password, click Reset Password. Copy the URL and paste it into an email to send the user.

Platform Roles

The following platform roles are supported in the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform.

  • Admin: Provides administrator roles, which include administering users, changing configuration, and management of all objects in the workspace. 

    NOTE: In Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition, any user who is granted the admin role is also granted the workspace admin role, which enables the modification of workspace configuration and owner-level access to user-created objects in the workspace. Some limitations and special cases apply. For more information, see Workspace Admin Permissions.

    Avoid granting Alteryx Administrator role to many users.

  • Data Admin: Enables user to use file browsers to browse external file systems.

    NOTE: The Data Admin role is required to browse HDFS or other non-relational datastores. If an account lacks this role, dataset upload and download and access to JDBC data sources, including Hive, are still supported.

  • Deployment: In a Development environment, this role can be added to a user's account to enable access to the Deployment Manager.

  • wrangler: Enables access to the Designer Cloud application. All users accounts must have this role.

    NOTE: All users accounts must have this role, which cannot be modified.

AWS Config

When per-user authentication is enabled for AWS access, administrators can review and modify each user's settings for AWS authentication, click Configure.

NOTE: When you return from configuring S3 access, your changes there have already been saved.

For more information, see Configure Your Access to S3.

Disable User

Non-admin users can be enabled or disabled as needed.

  • To disable a user, click the checkbox in the Disabled column. Then, click Submit.

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