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Release 7.1.2




Software setup


Before you upgrade:

  1. Inform users of the planned outage for the upgrade.

  2. Please verify that all jobs have completed and that none is pending.

  3. Release 5.0 and earlier: Check that there are no services issues in the Diagnostics page:

    NOTE: You must be logged in as an admin user.


    This feature is deprecated in Release 5.1 and later.

  4. Shut down all Alteryx services:

    sudo service trifacta stop
    sudo killall -u trifacta 
  5. Untar the Dependencies folder. Command: 

    tar -xvf trifacta_<x.y>_deps_<os_version>.tar

    <x.y> is the major-minor release version.
    <os_version> is the operating system version. 

  6. Move the local.repo file. Command: 

    mv local.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
  7. Move the trifacta/rpms folder into /var/local/trifacta/.  Overwrite the existing rpms folder. Command:

    cp -rf trifacta/rpms/ /var/local/trifacta/
  8. Clear the yum cache. Command:

    yum clean all

Upgrade other components

Depending on your upgrade path, you may be required to upgrade external components. 

  • For more information on supported Hadoop components, see Install Reference in the Install Guide.

Upgrade Alteryx software

  1. Do not uninstall the database.

  2. Upgrade:

    NOTE: During the upgrade, you should use the upgrade directive for Yum. Avoid using the remove and install directives, which require manual migration of your saved configuration afterward. Please verify that you have backed up your pre-release configuration files before proceeding.

    1. Without Internet access: If the Alteryx node does not have Internet access, you must install using the local dependencies. 

      1. Instead of using the install directive for Yum, you must use the upgrade directive. 

      2. For more information, see Install Dependencies without Internet Access in the Install Guide.

      3. When finished, please return to the next step in these instructions.

    2. For CentOS/RHEL: Upgrade the package with yum, using root. Please execute the following commands:

      sudo yum upgrade trifacta
    3. For Ubuntu: Upgrade using apt-get, using root:

      sudo dpkg -i <new-trifacta-binary>.deb

      The above might generate an error, which is ok. Continue:

      sudo apt-get -f -y upgrade
  3. Since the upgrade process does not modify the databases, the metadata for the older jobs should still persist.

If it is not already in the appropriate directory, move license.json into the deployment. Example:

cp /tmp/license.json /opt/trifacta/license/license.json

See License Key in the Install Guide.

Set File Ownership

All files in the Alteryx install directory and sub-directories must be owned by the same user that is used to run the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform. Mismatches in ownership and execution permissions can cause services to fail to start.


Before you upgrade, please complete the following:

  1. Login to the Alteryx node as the root user.
  2. Execute the following command. The user that is being granted ownership of the install directory is trifacta, which is the default user that runs the platform. If you are using a different user to run your Alteryx deployment, please substitute that name.

    chown -R trifacta:trifacta /opt/trifacta

Do not restart the platform yet. Additional configuration is required first.

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