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Release 7.1.2



NOTE: After saving changes to your user profile and exiting, please refresh the page.

In your user profile, you can reset your password and change other user settings.

Figure: User Profile Page


  • Name: Display name for your Alteryx® account
  • Email: Email address associated with your account

    NOTE: This value is the user ID. It must be a valid email address and cannot be modified after registration.

  • Staging DB: Optionally, you can specify the name of the Hive staging schema to which append Hive operations can be published.

    NOTE: This mechanism only applies if users do not have CREATE and DROP permissions on a production schema. This feature must be enabled. For more information, see Configure for Hive.

  • Password: If desired, you can enter a new password here.

  • Confirm Password: Confirm the above password before saving.
  • Locale: Select the locale to use when validating data types in the application.

    NOTE: After saving changes to your locale, refresh your page. Subsequent executions of the data inference service use the new locale settings.

    NOTE: When locale is changed, data type validation is affected only on subsequent executions of data type inference. If you are using structured datasets, such as schematized JDBC sources, data types may be attached to the datasets that you have already imported. These data types are not affected.

    For more information, see Locale Settings.

  • Enable keyboard shortcuts: When enabled, you can use keyboard shortcuts in the workspace or Transformer page.

    Tip: When keyboard shortcuts are enabled, press ? in the application to see the available shortcuts.

  • Enable all popup helpers: Re-enables the popup help windows. You can then re-review the on-boarding tour.

    NOTE: This feature may need to be enabled in your environment by an administrator. For more information, see Enable Onboarding Tour.

    NOTE: This change is not applied until you login to the application again.

S3 Storage Access

If you are connecting to AWS to use S3 for storage, you can define the S3 buckets to use for uploads, job results, and temporary files. See Configure Your Access to S3.

Change Avatar Image

NOTE: This feature may need to be enabled. See Miscellaneous Configuration.

You can upload a preferred image associated with your user account. This image appears wherever the application contains a personal identifier, such as the icon for the User menu. 

Image requirements:

  • Format: JPG (JPEG), PNG, GIF, SVG, BMP, WEBP
  • Dimensions: square dimensions work best. If you are using a non-square image, you should center the image details along the shorter edge of the image. 


  1. Click the icon at the top of the User Profile page.
  2. Navigate your local desktop. 
  3. Select the file and click Open.
  4. The icon is replaced by the image from the file you uploaded.

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