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This section describes how to create a connection to your AWS Glue Data Catalog. 


Before you create a connection, you must enable  Trifacta Self-Managed Enterprise Edition to access AWS Glue. For more information, see Enable AWS Glue Access.


For more information, see "Supported Deployments" in Enable AWS Glue Access.

Create Connection

You can create one or more connections to databases in your AWS Glue deployment.

Create through application

Any user can create an AWS Glue connection through the application.


  1. Login to the application.
  2. In the menu, click User menu > Preferences > Connections.
  3. In the Create Connection page, click the AWS Glue connection card.
  4. Specify the properties for your AWS Glue connection. The following parameters are specific to AWS Glue connections:

EMR Master Node DNSThis DNS value can be retrieved from the EMR console.
PortThe port number through which to connect to the DNS master node
Connection String OptionsNo values are required here. Additional information is provided below.

For more information, see Create Connection Window.

Create via API

For more information, see


Connection URL

The properties that you provide are inserted into the following URL, which connects  Trifacta Self-Managed Enterprise Edition to the connection:



  • <database> = name of the default database to which to connect. This value can be empty.

Connect string options

The connect string options are optional. If you are passing additional properties and values to complete the connection, the connect string options must be structured in the following manner:



  • <prop> : the name of the property
  • <val> : the value for the property


  • ; : any set of connect string options must begin with a semi-colon.
  • ; : sets of connect string options must separated by a semi-colon.
  • = : property names and values must be separated with an equal sign (=).


Trifacta Self-Managed Enterprise Edition may insert additional authentication properties as part of the connect string options.

Driver Information

This connection uses the following driver:


For more information, see


After the integration has been made between the platform and AWS Glue, you can import datasets.


Import a dataset from AWS Glue. Add it to a flow, and run a job. Verify the results.For more information, see Verify Operations.

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