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You can configure the notifications that are sent to your email address based on job success or failure. Notifications can be sent for jobs executed from flows where you are the owner or a collaborator.

NOTE: Email notifications requires that you configure the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform to use an available SMTP server. For more information, see Enable SMTP Email Server Integration.

NOTE: Email notifications may need to be enabled in your environment. You can also configure the type of jobs that generate success or failure emails. For more information, see Workspace Settings Page.

Tip: If visual profiling has been enabled, a PDF version of the profile of the job results is included as an attachment to the email.

Receive emails about job activity

When enabled, you can receive email notifications about job activity. You can receive emails from:

  • flows where you are an owner or collaborator
  • flows where someone has added you as a watcher

Email notifications are configured on a per-flow basis. For more information, see Manage Flow Notifications Dialog.

Delivery address

If needed, you can send notification emails to a different email address.


  • Your login email address cannot receive email. 
  • You wish to deliver email to an alias within your enterprise.
  • You wish to deliver your email to a third-party application, such as Slack.

Tip: You can configure the sender email address and sender name that is used for all emails generated by the Alteryx node. For more information, see Enable SMTP Email Server Integration.


Select the timezone in which email dates are displayed.

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