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Outdated release! Latest docs are Release 8.2: Enable In-App Chat


You can enable the in-app chat feature in your deployment of  Trifacta®. When enabled,  Trifacta users can begin chat sessions with product experts from within the product.  

To enable this feature, please complete the following steps.


  1. Contact  Trifacta Support to acquire the product keys required for this feature. 
  2. Configure the platform to use the keys:
    1. Login to the Trifacta application as an administrator.
    2. In the left nav bar, navigate to User menu > Admin console > Admin settings.
    3. Locate the following settings. Insert the key values provided to you by  Trifacta Support:

      webapp.intercomHmacKeyEnter the Hmac key value here.
      webapp.intercomAppKeyEnter the App key value here.
    4. Save your changes and restart the platform.

  3. Enable the feature:
    1. In the left nav bar, navigate to User menu > Admin console > Workspace settings.
    2. Locate the following setting and set it to Enabled:

      User Messaging
    3. The setting change is automatically saved.
  4. To see the in-app chat feature, log out of the application and log in again.

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