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Release 7.6.2



The Plans page lets you create, review, and manage your plans. plan is a sequence of tasks and the triggers that execute them. Plans can be applied across multiple flows in your workspace.

NOTE: Access to the Plans page in the application and privileges on plans is governed by roles in your workspace. For more information, please contact your workspace administrator.

  • To create a new plan, click Create...

  • Plans cannot be shared.
  • Workspace admins can access all plans in the workspace.

Figure: Plans Page


  • Name: The name of the plan.

  • Owner: Owner of the plan.
  • Last Updated: Timestamp for the last time that the flow was modified.
  • Last Run: Timestamp for when the plan was last executed. 
    • The displayed icon indicates whether the plan executed successfully or not.
    • Click the link to review details of the run. See Plan View Page.


  • Create: From the Create menu, choose to create a plan.

    • Enter a name and description for your plan. Click Create.

  • Search: To search plan names, enter a string in the search bar. Results are highlighted immediately in the Plans page.
  • Sort: Some column headers can be selected to sort the display by the column's entries.

Plan options:

The following options are available on the right side of a plan's entry:

  • Edit name and description: Change the name and description of the plan.
  • Delete Plan: Delete the plan.

    Deleting a plan removes all objects contained in the plan. Flows referenced in the tasks of the plan are not touched.

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