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This section provides general guidelines for cluster sizing and node requirements for effective use of the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta® platform.

NOTE: These guidelines are rough estimates of what should provide satisfactory performance. You should review particulars of the variables listed below in detail prior to making recommendations or purchasing decisions.

Requirements for the Alteryx node

See System Requirements.

Enterprise Hadoop

All compute nodes on the cluster (Hadoop NodeManager nodes) should have identical capabilities. Avoid mixing and matching nodes of different capabilities.

Primary variables affecting cluster size:

  • Data volume
  • Number of concurrent jobs

In the following table, you can review the recommended number of worker nodes in the cluster based on the data volume and the number of concurrent jobs. Table data assumes that each compute node has 16 compute cores (2 x 8 cores), 128GB of RAM and 8TB of disk, with nodes connected via 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE).

Data Volume \ Number of concurrent jobs151025
1 GB or less1112
10 GB1125
25 GB12510
50 GB151025
100 GB2102050
250 GB52550125
500 GB1050100250
1000 GB (1 TB)20100200500

Additional variables affecting cluster size:

  • If you are working with compressed or binary formats, you should use the expanded sizes for your data volume estimates. 
  • Some workloads are more compute- or memory-intensive and may increase the required number of nodes or capabilities of each node. These include:
    • Scripts with complex steps such as joins (particularly those between large datasets) and sorts
    • Lengthy scripts
  • In high availability mode, the total number of connections across all nodes should meet the appropriate requirements in the above table. For each node, please divide the number of connections by the number of Alteryx nodes.


Amazon Marketplace AMI

Amazon Marketplace installations support a limited range of installation options for the AMI. For more information, see the install guide available through the Marketplace for  Designer Cloud Wrangler Pro.

Amazon EMR

NOTE: The sizing guidelines listed for Enterprise Hadoop above provide a good estimate for sizing capacity and upper bounds for EMR-based cluster scaling.

For additional details on sizing your EMR cluster, please contact Alteryx Customer Success and Services.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure installations support a limited range of installation options, based on the type of cluster integration.

Cluster TypeDescription

Please use the Enterprise Hadoop guidelines listed previously.

For more information on this integration, see Configure for HDInsight in the Configuration Guide.

Azure Databricks

Please review the Enterprise Hadoop guidelines with Alteryx Customer Success and Services.

For more information on this integration, see Configure for Azure Databricks in the Configuration Guide.

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