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Alteryx® node Ports

Depending on the components enabled or integrated with your instance of the platform, the following ports must be opened on the Alteryx node.

Internal Service Ports

Nginx Proxy3005
Designer Cloud application
Java UDF Service3008
Spark Job Service4007
Data Service41912
Java VFS Service41917
Batch Job Runner41920
VFS Service41913
Conversion Service41914
Job Metadata Service41915
Artifact Storage Service41916
Batch Job Runner41920
Secure Token Service41921
Time-based trigger Service43033
Scheduling Service43143

Database Ports

Postgres (default)


NOTE: By default, PostgreSQL and the platform use port 5432 for communication. If that port is not available at install/upgrade time, the next available port is used, which is typically 5433. This change may occur if a previous version of PostgreSQL is on the same server. When a non-default port number is used, the platform must be configured to use it. For more information, see Change Database Port.


Client Browser Ports

By default, the web client uses port 3005.

NOTE: Any client firewall software must be configured to enable access on this port.

This port can be changed. For more information, see Change Listening Port in the Install Guide.

Hadoop Ports

If Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition is integrated with a Hadoop cluster, the Alteryx node must have access to the following Hadoop components. Their default ports are listed below:

NOTE: These ports vary between installations. Please verify your environment's ports.

NOTE: In addition to the following ports, you must open any additional ports on Alteryx node for other components and services that are not listed here and are used for running jobs on the running environment cluster.

Hadoop ComponentDefault Port
HDFS Namenode

Cloudera/HDP: 8020

HDFS Datanode

NOTE: The Alteryx node must be able to access this port on all HDFS datanodes of the cluster.

HttpFS 14000

Cloudera/HDP: 50070

YARN Resourcemanager

Cloudera: 8032

HDP: 8050


Cloudera/HDP: 8021

HiveServer2 (optional)

TCP connection: 10000

HTTP connection: 10001

Hive Metastore (optional)9083

Firewall Ports for Hadoop

If the Alteryx node is on a different network from the Hadoop cluster, please verify that these additional ports are opened on the firewall.

Hadoop ComponentDefault Port
YARN Resourcemanager Scheduler8030
YARN Resourcemanager Admin8033
YARN Resourcemanager WebApp8088
YARN Nodemanager WebApp8042
YARN Timeline Service8188
MapReduce JobHistory Server10020
HDFS DataNode


For additional details, please refer to the documentation provided with your Hadoop distribution.

EMR Ports

If you are integrating with an EMR cluster, please verify that the following nodes and ports are available to the Alteryx node.

EMR ComponentPort
EMR master node8088

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