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Through the Workspace Role Details page, you can review the privileges assigned to the role and assign the role to workspace users. 


The following actions are available.

  • Edit: Modify the role.

    NOTE: All new and existing users are assigned the default role. Changes to this role may affect all existing users and any users that are added to the workspace in the future.

    NOTE: You cannot edit the Workspace admin role.

    See Create Role Dialog.

  • Assign role: Assign the role to one or more users. 

    NOTE: When you assign or unassign a role, the privileges are immediately applied to the assigned user's account. The user does not need to re-login to see the changes.

  • Delete: Delete the role.

    You are permitted to delete roles that are currently assigned to users. Deleting a role may remove workspace privileges from one or more users. This action cannot be undone. Before deleting, you should verify the list of users assigned to the role in the Users tab.

    NOTE: You cannot delete the default or Workspace admin roles.

Overview tab

In the Overview tab, you can review the privileges for the role and the current number of users that have been assigned the role.

Figure: Workspace Role Details Page - Overview tab

For more information on the listed privileges, see Privileges and Roles Reference.

Roles can be created through the Workspace Roles page. For more information, see Workspace Roles Page.

Users tab

In the Users tab, you can review the list of users who have been assigned the role.

Figure: Workspace Role Details Page - Overview tab


  • Name: Display name of the user.

    NOTE: You cannot modify the Name value for the default role.

  • Email: Email address for the user, which is used to login to the Designer Cloud application.

Context menu:

On the right side of the screen, you can select the following options from the context menu for each user:

  • Unassign from role: Select this option to remove the role from the user. 

Groups tab

In the Groups tab, you can review the list of groups to which the role has been assigned.

NOTE: Optionally, users of the platform can be synched with your enterprise LDAP service provider. For more information, see Configure Users and Groups.

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