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In your Account Settings page, you can change your locale and modify other settings related to your account.

NOTE: After saving changes to your account settings and exiting, please refresh the page.

Change Password

NOTE: If Single Sign-On (SSO) has been enabled, then these options are not available.

Tip: You can modify your password directly through the /change-password URL.

Old password: To change your password, enter your current password here.

New password: To change your password, enter a new password here.

Confirm new password: Confirm the above password before saving.

Tip: Forgot your password? Click Reset password via email to send a reset password to the email address registered for your account.


Select the locale to use when validating data types in the application.

NOTE: After saving changes to your locale, refresh your page. Subsequent executions of the data inference service use the new locale settings.

NOTE: When locale is changed, data type validation is affected only on subsequent executions of data type inference. If you are using structured datasets, such as schematized JDBC sources, data types may be attached to the datasets that you have already imported. These data types are not affected.

For more information, see Locale Settings.

Other Settings

Enable all popup helpers: Re-enables the popup help windows. You can then re-review the on-boarding tour.

NOTE: This change is not applied until you login to the application again.

NOTE: This feature may need to be enabled in your environment by an administrator. For more information, see Enable Onboarding Tour.

Enable keyboard shortcuts: When enabled, you can use keyboard shortcuts in the workspace or Transformer page.

Tip: When keyboard shortcuts are enabled, press ? in the application to see the available shortcuts.

Share usage data to improve product intelligence: When collaborative suggestions are enabled, anonymized data on how you use the product is aggregated with other workspace users' data to improve the suggestions provided by the product to all workspace users. You can use this setting to opt-out of sharing your data.

NOTE: This data is not shared with Alteryx Inc or other users.

NOTE: If this setting is not present, the feature is disabled in your workspace. For more information, see Workspace Settings Page.

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