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Administrators of  Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition can download log files based on a user's session identifier, a job identifier, or across the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform for a specified time period. From the Help menu, select Download logs.

NOTE: The files download through this dialog are always unencrypted.

NOTE: For more information on disabling this feature, see Configure Support Bundling.

Non-administrators can download logs for their current session. For more information, see Download Logs Dialog.

Figure: Download Logs Dialog for Administrators

Collect logs by: Select the method by which log files for the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform are collected.

Log file size limit: You can specify the size limit of individual log files in bytes. Default is 1 MB.

By Time frame

Specify either the most recent period or a time period range of logs to collect.

  • Last: Preceding number of minutes, hours, or days.
  • Between: Use the date and time tools to specify the starting (top) and ending (bottom) dates for the range.

Tip: Try to narrow the time frame if possible. Larger time frames are more likely to run up against the size limit for individual log files.

By Job ID

Enter the job ID for which to download logs. 

Tip: Administrators can review the IDs for all accessible jobs in the Jobs page. See Jobs Page.

By Session ID

Retrieve the logs for a specified session or the administrator's current session.

Tip: Non-admin users can retrieve their session ID from the application. For more information, see Download Logs Dialog.


To download the specified set of logs, click Download logs.

For more information on the contents of this download, see Support Bundle Contents.

For more information on configuring the contents of the support bundle, see Configure Support Bundling.

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