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When you import a flow into a new project or workspace, you may be required to remap the flow outputs to accessible publishing destinations.

Tip: When you import the flow, click the Warnings link to review the list of objects that must be remapped.

Tip: You should remap the data sources first. See Reconnect Flow to Source Data.


  1. Open the imported flow. 
  2. In Flow View, for each output:
    1. Select the required output. The object details are displayed in the Details panel.
      1. If you cannot connect to the data, you do not have permissions to use the connection specified in the flow or the connection may not be available in the current project or workspace. You must create a new connection to access the source data. See Reconnect Flow to Source Data.
    2. In the Details panel, click Edit or Add. The Publishing Settings page is displayed.
    3. Edit the changes as required. 
    4. To save your changes, click Update.
  3. Repeat the above steps for the other outputs in the flow.
  4. To verify, run a job that generates one of the outputs.

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