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Recipe steps that change the number of rows in the dataset have additional impacts on your dataset and its samples. These reshaping steps include the following transformations:

SplitrowsInitial Parsing Steps
Expand Arrays into RowsWorking with Arrays
Filter Rows (keep or delete)Remove Data
Pivot TablePivot Data
Unpivot Columns Unpivot Columns
Join DatasetsJoin Window
Union DatasetsUnion Page
Select Lookup from the column menuLookup Wizard
Remove Duplicate RowsRemove Data


When one of these transformations is applied and rows are removed from your dataset:

  • Any samples generated before the step was added are invalidated and cannot be used. 
  • If you edit steps in your recipe before this added transformation, any samples that you generated after the step are invalidated and cannot be used.

  • A valid initial sample is always available for use.
For more information, see Samples Panel.

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