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This section provides overview information on how to configure the running environments accessible from your deployment of the Designer Cloud application.

A running environment is the set of services that are used to execute a job.

  • A job can include tasks to do the following:
    • Ingest data
    • Transform data
    • Profile data
    • Sample data
    • Generate results
  • A running environment can be hosted on the Alteryx node or across a cluster that is connected to the product.

Trifacta Photon

Hosted on the Alteryx nodeTrifacta Photon is an in-memory running environment designed for high performance on small- to medium-sized jobs. 

Trifacta Photon may require enablement in your project or workspace:

Other Running Environments

Depending on your deployment of Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition, additional running environments may be available. For more information, see Running Environment Options .

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