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Through the data type menu in each column, you can select different data types, including custom ones. You can also create custom data types in  Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition.

custom data type  is similar to the pre-defined data types, except that you provide a dictionary file of all accepted values. During data validation, values in a column of a custom data type are validated against the dictionary file to determine if the data is valid or not.

NOTE: After a custom type has been created, a platform restart is required. Please contact your Alteryx administrator.

Custom data types can be specified by regular expression patterns or by values defined in an uploaded dictionary file. For more information, see Create Custom Data Types Using RegEx.

Dictionary File Format

For more information on the specification for file-based dictionaries, Create Custom Data Types.

Create Custom Type tab

Upload your dictionary file and select the column in it to use for validation of the data type.

Figure: Create Custom Type tab


  1. Click Upload Dictionary.
  2. Select your CSV file. Expand the caret next to the filename. Select the column to use for data validation.Name your new custom data type.
  3. Click Save.

The new data type is applied to the currently selected column.

Use Existing Custom Type tab

NOTE: If you cannot see a recently created custom data type, you may need to logout and login again.

Select the custom data type to apply to the currently selected column. Click Save.

Figure: Use Custom Type tab

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