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This section provides an overview on how to export plans from one environment to another environment as a ZIP file.

You can export a plan from  Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition from one system to another system as a zip file. The exported zip file contains a JSON file for the plan and JSON files for each of its associated flows. The plan and its assets, such as nodes, edges, and tasks other than flow tasks are exported into the plan definition file .  

For each flow included in the plan:

  • Each flow is exported only once in a flow definition file, even if it is used in many plan flow tasks. 
  • If the flow contains any artifact files, they are included as .data files next to the plan definition file. These files should be imported with the flow, too. 

When you export the plan ZIP file, a snapshot of the plan is taken at the time of export.

NOTEWhen you export a plan that has flow tasks, then all the corresponding flows are also exported.


  • You can unzip the exported plan ZIP, remove any of the flow files, and re-zip if you want to import the plan into the same workspace without replicating the flows.
  • You can upload the plan as a single JSON file without re-zipping, if there are no flow files for the plan.

Plan exports are useful for:

  • Backing up the work in progress on your plans
  • Archiving of completed development work


  • The plan file does not include the plan schedules and their associated overrides. 

  • Import and export of plans is not supported in Deployment Manager.

Export from Plans page

Steps :

  1. From the home page of Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition, navigate to Plans.
  2. In the Plans page, select the required plan. From the context menu, select Export.
  3. In the Export Plan window, select Download package(.zip).
  4. Enter any optional notes, if required.
  5. The ZIP file is downloaded to the default download location of your desktop.

You can also export a plan from Plan View page. See Plan View Page.

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