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In Plan View, you can create tasks to send messages to a Slack channel. These tasks are specified in the right context panel.

Tip: Slack tasks are a specialized form of HTTP tasks.


The following requirements apply to the Slack app that receives the message. For more information on Slack apps, see

Please verify that your Slack app has the following:

  • Create an OAuth Token that has chat:write scopes. This token is inserted into your task definition. There are two types of tokens:
    • Bot Token: These tokens post a Slack message from the name of the app. 

      NOTE: The Bot Token also requires the chat:write.public scope.

      Tip: A Bot Token is required if you wish to send a direct message through the App category of messages.

    • User Token: These tokens post a Slack message from the user who authorizes the message.

      Tip: A User Token is required if you are sending the message to a private channel or to another user (see below).

  • The OAuth Token that you create must be installed in your workspace.

    NOTE: Copy the generated token to a text file and retain it for later. This token must be pasted into the definition of each Slack task where you wish to use it.

Create Slack Task

Figure: Slack task

Tip:  To rename the task, click the task name.


OAuth TokenThe OAuth token to use for posting the message.

Paste one of the following values from the Slack workspace for where to post the message:

  • Channel Name: Name of the channel as it appears in Slack.
  • Channel ID: This value is available in the Settings page for the channel.
  • Member ID: You can post the message to a specific user instead of posting to a channel. A user's member ID can be found in the user's Profile page in Slack.

The message to post.

Tip: Messages can include metadata information about the tasks in the current plan run. For more information, see Plan Metadata References.


  • To test if the specified endpoint is reachable, click Test.

    Tip: A status code of 200 indicates that the test was successful.

  • Edit task name: Change the name of the task. 

  • Delete: Delete the task. 

    This step cannot be undone.

For more information, see Create Slack Task.

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