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In the Schedules page, administrators can be review the current set of schedules.

NOTE: This page is available to project owners and workspace administrators only.

A schedule is automated execution of an output in a flow on a regular basis.  Schedules are composed of the following:

Figure: Schedules page


  • Owner: The user that owns the schedule.
  • Frequency: The frequency of occurrence of the schedule. 
    • Cron: Cron jobs utilize a modified form of cron scheduling syntax to define execution time. For more information, see cron Schedule Syntax Reference.
    • Weekly/Monthly/Daily: You can also schedule jobs to execute according to a regular calendar period.
  • Flow: Name of the flow to which the schedule applies.  
    • If available, you can click the link to open the flow. See Flow View Page.
  • State: The current state of the schedule:
    • Enabled - The schedule is active and will execute at the next occurrence according to the frequency.
    • Disabled - The schedule is inactive and cannot be executed until it is enabled.
  • Last Updated: Timestamp for the when the schedule was last modified.


  • Filter by update: Click the caret next to Last Updated to sort the list of schedules.
  • Search: Enter text in the search field to filter the listed jobs by flow name. 

Context menu:

Next to the schedule listing, click the options menu to see the following:

  • Enable/Disable Schedule: Select this option to toggle availability of the schedule.
  • Delete Schedule: Delete the schedule.

    Deleting a schedule is permanent and cannot be undone.

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