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You can manage access to a plan for other users through the Share Plan dialog. From the context menu of the Plans page, select Share.

Tip: If groups have been enabled in your instance of the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform, you can share flows and connections to LDAP groups. For more information, see Configure Users and Groups.

Tip: A workspace administrator has owner-level access to plans in the workspace. For more information, see Workspace Admin Permissions.


You can grant permissions to other users to access the plan. When a user is given access to a plan, that user is considered a collaborator on the plan and has a smaller set of permissions than the owner of the plan.  Users must have at least the Viewer workspace role viewer permissions for plans. 

For more information, see Workspace Roles Page.

NOTE: If the user does not have access to the underlying flows of the plan, the plan can still be shared and accessed, but the user cannot edit flows and run the plans.


Through this Share Plan dialog, you can invite one or more collaborators to the plan, so that you may work together on the same objects. 

  • Add: Add users or email addresses of users with whom you would like to share the plan.

To add users as collaborators in your flow, start typing the name of a user with whom you would like to share the plan. Select the user. Repeat this process to add multiple users.

NOTE: For privacy and security reasons, search options are not available.

  • Save: Click Save.
  • Delete: Select the user or email address in the search by name or email field and click delete using your keyboard.
  • Cancel: To cancel sharing, click Cancel.

Each selected user now can access the plans through the plans page. See Plans Page.

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