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Release 8.7.1



Sequences of operations that end-users execute in the Designer Cloud® application  are rendered as commands in Wrangle (a domain-specific language for data transformation). When a job is executed, the Wrangle  recipe of steps is executed against the entire dataset. In the following diagram, you can review the layers that execute Wrangle  recipes across your dataset.

Figure: Platform execution layers

  • Wrangle  recipe: End-users create these sequential recipes by performing point-and-click operations on sampled data in the application. These recipes are stored in the Trifacta database and can be executed at any time against the full dataset.
  • Wrangle  compiler:
    • Dataflow Compiler: This component compiles your recipe into a set of commands that can be executed against the specified execution target.
    • Dataflow Optimizer: The optimizer reviews the set of compiled commands to perform general optimizations for the queries.
    • Target Optimization and Specialization: The Wrangle  compiler performs additional optimizations and addresses any special requirements depending on the execution target. 
  • Extensible Function Library: Optionally, developers can create user-defined functions using Java. 
  • Execution Environments: The Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta platform  supports a variety of environments for execution of jobs.

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