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Release 9.2


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Databricks provides the combination of data lakehouse storage, analytics processing, and artificial intelligence capabilities in a single unified platform. For job execution, the Databricks running environment can be hosted in the Azure or AWS ecosystems.

NOTE: This running environment is available only if you install Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition on AWS.

Tip: In the Run Job page, select Spark (Databricks) to run the job on this running environment when the Designer Cloud application has been integrated with it.

Additional configuration is required.

NOTE: Use of AWS Databricks is not supported on Marketplace installs.

NOTE: When executing a job on the AWS Databricks running environment using a relational source, the job fails if one or more columns has been dropped from the underlying source table. As a workaround, the recipe panel may show steps referencing the missing columns, which can be used to either fix the recipe or the source data.

For more information, see Configure for AWS Databricks.

For more information on Databricks, see

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