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You can create plan tasks to delete existing files or folders through connections to which you have access. These tasks are helpful for removing files that were generated as part of intermediate steps in your plan's execution.
  • A Delete task is defined as one of the tasks in a plan. For more information, see Plan View Page.


  • As a safeguard, you are prevented from deleting more than 100 files at a time.The maximum file limit for delete tasks can be modified, if needed. See Overview of Operationalization.

  • Delete tasks are supported for the following file systems:

    • S3
    • ADLS


  • You must have write access to the connection, bucket, and folder where you wish to delete files.


  1. Open your plan in Plan View. Click a node to create a new task.

  2. In the right panel, select Delete task.

  3. Set the following parameters:

    ConnectionIf the drop-down is present, select the connection where the files or folders are located. If the drop-down is present, you can delete files from the backend storage environment only.

    Specify the location where you wish to remove files. To navigate the storage environment, click Browse.

    Tip: You can paste in the Path textbox values that you have copied.

    Tip: You can insert plan metadata references in the path for tasks that have previously been executed in the plan. Enter $ to begin exploring available references.

    You can select entire folders. These folders and files must exist at the time of creating the Delete task.

    NOTE: As a safety measure, you are not permitted to delete more than 100 files in a single task.

  4. To add the task to the flow, click Save.

Plan metadata references

Within the message of your other tasks, you can reference metadata about the plan, including the Delete task. For more information, see Plan Metadata References.

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