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This simple example demonstrates how to extract nested values from Object elements into a separate column.


For example, suppose your restaurant dataset includes a set of characteristics in the restFeatures column in the following JSON format, from which you are interested in the total number of seats in the restaurant.

This example contains the data for a single restaurant, formatted as regular JSON, for simplicity:



You can use the following transformation to extract the values from TotalTableSeats and CounterSeats into separate columns:

NOTE: Change the column type to Object before applying the following transformation.

NOTE: Each key must be entered on a separate line in the Path to elements area.

Transformation Name Unnest Objects into columns
Parameter: Column restFeatures
Parameter: Paths to elements TotalTableSeats
Parameter: Paths to elements CounterSeats
Parameter: Include original column name Selected


restFeatures_TotalTable SeatsrestFeatures_CounterSeats

After converting into separate columns, you can perform a simple sum of the TotalTableSeats and CounterSeats columns to determine the total number of seats in the restaurant.

The final table looks like the following:

restFeatures_TotalTable SeatsrestFeatures_CounterSeatsTotalSeats_Restaurant

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