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This example illustrates how you can use functions to manipulate Unix time values in a column of Datetime type.


UNIXTIME Function Derives the Unixtime (or epoch time) value from a Datetime value. Source value can be a reference to a column containing Datetime values.


2/8/16 15:41
12/30/15 0:00
4/26/15 7:07


Use the following transformation step to generate a column containing the above values as Unix timecode values:

Transformation Name New formula
Parameter: Formula type Single row formula
Parameter: Formula UNIXTIME (date)
Parameter: New column name 'unixtime_date'


NOTE: If the source Datetime value does not contain a valid input for one of these functions, no value is returned.

2/8/16 15:411454946120000
12/30/15 0:001451433600000
4/26/15 7:071430032020000

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