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Merges two or more columns of String type to generate output of String type. Optionally, you can insert a delimiter between the merged values.

NOTE: This function behaves exactly like the merge transform, although the syntax is different. See Merge Transform.


Wrangle vs. SQL: This function is part of Wrangle, a proprietary data transformation language. Wrangle is not SQL. For more information, see Wrangle Language.

Basic Usage

String literal reference example:

merge(['Hello,','World'],' ')

Output: Returnsthe value Hello, World.

Column reference example:


Output: Returns a single String value that is the merge of string1 and string2 values.

Syntax and Arguments


ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
string_ref1YstringName of first column or first string literal to apply to the function
string_ref2YstringName of second column or second string literal to apply to the function
string_delimNstringOptional delimiter string to insert between column or literal values

For more information on syntax standards, see Language Documentation Syntax Notes.

string_ref1, string_ref2

String literal or name of the string column whose elements you want to merge together. You can merge together two or more strings.

Usage Notes:

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal or column referencemyString1, myString2


Optional string literal to insert between each string that is being merged.

Usage Notes:

Required?Data TypeExample Value
NoString literal'-'


Tip: For additional examples, see Common Tasks.

Example - Simple merge example

The following example contains the names of a set of American authors. You need to bring together these column values into a new column, called FullName.




Transformation Name New formula
Parameter: Formula type Single row formula
Parameter: Formula merge([FirstName,MiddleInitial,LastName],' ')
Parameter: New column name 'FullName'

Since the entry for J.D. Salinger has no middle name, you might want to add the following transformation:

Transformation Name Replace text or pattern
Parameter: Column FullName
Parameter: Find ' '
Parameter: Replace with ''


JackKerouacLJack L Kerouac
PaulTherouxEPaul E Theroux
J.D.Salinger J.D. Salinger
PhilipDickKPhilip K DIck

Other Examples

While the syntax may be different, the MERGE function behaves exactly like the merge transform. For more examples, see Merge Transform.

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