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Release 9.2



Through the OAuth 2.0 Clients page, workspace administrators can create and manage OAuth 2.0 clients for authentication with third-party systems. In the Admin console, select OAuth 2.0 Clients.

Figure: OAuth 2.0 Clients page


  • Name: Display name of the client.
  • Type: Type of client. For more information on supported clients, see Create OAuth2 Client.
  • Last update: Timestamp for last modification to the listed client.


  • To create an OAuth 2.0 client, click Register OAuth 2.0 Client. For more information, see Create OAuth2 Client.
  • To delete a client, select Delete OAuth 2.0 Client from the context menu. 

    Deleting an OAuth 2.0 client cannot be undone. When a client is deleted, any connections that utilized the client no longer work. Datasets and output locations may no longer be accessible through the application.

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