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A Delete task can be created in Plan View to delete existing files or folders from backend storage. These tasks are specified in the right context panel.

Tip: Delete tasks are useful for removing files that were generated as part of plan's execution but are not needed afterward.


  • You must have access to the connections through which a Delete task removes files or folders.
  • You must have write permissions to:
    • Any connection through which you are removing files or folders.
    • Any bucket, folder, or file accessed through that connection.  

      NOTE: If you select to delete a bucket, the contents of the bucket are removed, but the bucket object remains.

  • Delete tasks are supported for the following file systems:

    • S3
    • ADLS
Create Delete Task

Figure: Delete task

Tip:  To rename the task, click the task name.



If you have access to multiple file-based connections, you can select the connection to use from the Connection drop-down.

If this drop-down is not present, you automatically connect through the base storage layer for your environment.


For the selected connection, you must specify the path to the file or folder that you wish to remove. To navigate to the location, click Browse.

Tip: If you edit the pathway while browsing, you can paste in paths, which you may copy from sources like the Dataset Details or Job Details pages.

Tip: You can insert plan metadata references in the path for tasks that have previously been executed in the plan. Enter $ to begin exploring available references.

When the path is specified, a list of matching files is displayed.

To save your task, click Save.


  • Edit name: Change the name of the task. 

  • Delete: Delete the task. 

    This step cannot be undone.

For more information, see Create Delete Task.

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