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The Plans page lets you create, review, and manage your plans. plan is a sequence of tasks and the triggers that execute them. Plans can be applied across multiple flows in your workspace.

NOTE: Access to the Plans page in the application and privileges on plans is governed by roles in your workspace. For more information, please contact your workspace administrator.

  • To create a new plan, click Create.... To rename the new plan, click the Untitled value at the top of the page.
    • The maximum number of plan tasks may vary depending on the plan that you have licensed. For more information, please contact your Alteryx representative.

  • Workspace admins can access all plans in the workspace.

Figure: Plans Page


  • Name: The name of the plan. 

    You can hover over the shared icon link next to the plan to view the name of shared users (up to three shared users) and the total number of shared users. Also, when you click the shared icon link, the share dialog is displayed.

  • Owner: Owner of the plan.

  • Last Updated: Timestamp for the last time that the flow was modified.
  • Last Run: Timestamp for when the plan was last executed. 
    • The displayed icon indicates whether the plan executed successfully or not.
    • Click the link to review details of the run. 


  • Create: From the Create menu, choose to create a plan.

    • Enter a name and description for your plan. Click Create.

  • Import: From the context menu, select Import to import a plan into this instance. See Import Plan.

    Tip: You can import multiple plans (ZIP files) through the file browser or through drag-and-drop. Press CTRL/COMMAND + click or SHIFT + click to select multiple files for import.

  • Search: To search plan names, enter a string in the search bar. Results are highlighted immediately in the Plans page.
  • Sort: Some column headers can be selected to sort the display by the column's entries.

Plan options:

The following options are available on the right side of a plan's entry:

  • Share: Share the plan with other users. See Share a Plan.
  • Rename: Change the name and description of the plan.
  • Email notifications: Send email notifications on the plan runs. See Manage Plan Notifications Dialog.
  • Export: Export the plan from  Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition. See Export Plan.
  • Delete Plan: Delete the plan.

    Deleting a plan removes all objects contained in the plan. Flows referenced in the tasks of the plan are not touched.

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