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Release 9.2


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In the Sample Jobs page, you can track the status of all sample jobs to which you have access. 

Figure: Sample jobs page


Each tab corresponds to a possible status for Sample jobs that have been initiated in the Designer Cloud application.  

Tip: Select Download logs from the sample job's context menu to download the log file for that sample job.

  • All jobs: All sample jobs that have started.
  • Completed: Sample jobs that have successfully completed.

  • Failed: Sample jobs that have failed. 

  • Canceled: Sample jobs that were canceled.

    Tip: To cancel an in-progress sample job, select the Cancel job option while the sample job is running.

  • Running: Sample jobs that are currently in progress.


  • You can review and drill into any available sample jobs.

    • For each sample job, you can click the caret to reveal details on the sample jobs. 


  • Jobs: Sample jobs to which you have access.

    Tip: Click the link for the sample type to load the sample in the Transformer page.

  • Rows: Number of rows that have been used to generate a sample.
  • Status: The current status of the sample jobs. 
  • Flow: Name of the flow in which the samples have been collected. You can click the flow link to go the Flow View Page.
  • User: The Alteryx user who initiated the sample job.

  • Started: Start timestamp for the sample job.


  • Filter by status: Click one of the tabs to filter the display to show only the listings for the selected status.
  • Filter by type and date: Click the Funnel icon to filter the list of sample jobs by date range, time of execution, or both. For more information, see below.
  • Search: Enter text in the search field to filter the listed sample jobs by job ID, sample type, status, or flow. 

Filter Sample Jobs

To filter the list of sample jobs, click the Funnel icon next to the search bar. Use the dialog to filter the display of samples based on date ranges:

Figure: Sample Job dialog


  • Specify the date and time when the sample jobs have started.
  • Select Started Between or Started After from the drop-down list and populate both date-time rows.


  • Specify the date and time when the sample jobs have ended.
  • Select Ended Between or Ended Before from the drop-down list and populate both date-time rows.


  • To clear the time period values, click Clear Filters.

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