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When you download job log files, the following contents may be included in the exported support bundle.

Example ZIP contents:

  • 75 - job log folder
  • 76 - job log folder
  • support-bundle - support bundle folder

    Tip: If the support bundle contents fails to generate, please review log-bundle-creation-errors.txt for details, which is located inside the support-bundle folder.

Job Logs

When you execute a job, it is broken down into individual for each phase of the process.

NOTE: The job log files downloaded from the Designer Cloud application may contain unnecessary messages from other executed jobs. In some cases, it may not be possible to filter out these messages.

There may be separate folders for each of the following processes:

  • Ingest: Data is ready into the platform from the sources.
  • Convert: Some imported datasets must be converted from their source format to a format that is natively readable by the product. Typically, these jobs convert binary files into CSVs for use.

    NOTE: The files generated during Convert jobs are retained only for the duration of job execution, after which they are purged.

  • Transform: All recipes in the job are executed at scale against datasources.
  • Profile: Results of the transformation are profiled, if profiling has been enabled for the job.
  • Publish: Results are written to the specified output locations and formats.

cdf script

This file contains the script that is passed to the running environment to transform your dataset.

NOTE: This script is in a compiled language that is passed to the running environment for job execution. It is not in Wrangle and is not intended for user consumption.

Example filenames(s):


Log file for the specific job.

Example filenames(s):


photon flags file

This file identifies the settings used by the Photon running environment during job execution.

Example filenames(s):


photon cli info file

Location and format of the log files for the instance of Photon where the job was executed.

Example filenames(s):


photon cli log info file

Location and format of the log files for the instance of Photon where the job was executed.

Example filenames(s):

Support Bundle

When support bundling is enabled, the following folders and files are included in the download. Support bundling is enabled by default.

NOTE: Log files that are configured for JSON output format cannot be included in the support bundle.

NOTE: You can disable or configure the contents of the support bundle. For more information, see Configure Support Bundling.

conf files folder

Current version and archived versions of trifacta-conf.json, the core platform configuration file.If the platform is connected to a Hadoop cluster, additional cluster configuration files are retrieved from the local Alteryx node and included in the support bundle.

Example filenames(s):


configuration service folder

Configuration files extracted from the configuration service, which governs configuration at the system, workspace, and user level.

Example filenames(s):


service logs folder

Log files for services of Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition.

Example filenames(s):


Tip: If you are experiencing issues with the execution of plans, please review orchestration-service.log for messages.

Tip: Your downloaded bundle may also include access logs for the services.

For more information on these log files, see System Services and Logs.

Process files

The following files include information on the processes that are created and used by the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform:

Example filenames(s):

  • process-info.json - list of processes that are run under the Alteryx user


Output of executing the ulimit operating system command. ulimit returns the values for key operating system parameters.

Example filenames(s):



Build number of the software from which this bundle was downloaded.

Example filenames(s):


Binary files

The following files are stored in binary format and not intended for customer consumption.

Example filename(s):

See Also for Support Bundle Contents:

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