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Review details about the selected user's account.

Figure: User Details Page

Context menu actions:

For each user, you can perform the following actions in the context menu:

  • Edit: Modify user properties, including platform roles. See Users Page.

  • Configure storage: If per-user access is enabled for the workspace, you can configure the access credentials for individual users, either using key-secret combinations or IAM roles. For more information, see Configure Your Access to S3.
  • Reset password: Self-service password reset is enabled by default. If enabled, click this option to send an email to the user to reset his or her password.

    NOTE: Only platform administrators can reset a user's password. Workspace admins cannot.

Disable: When a user is disabled, the user cannot access the Designer Cloud application.

  • The disabled user still counts against the workspace limit.
  • All of the user's flows and datasets are retained.
  • Resources such as connections and flows that are owned by the user become inaccessible to other users that have access.

    NOTE: Schedules owned by a disabled user continue to execute. An admin can disable the schedule. See Schedules Page.

  • To permit access again, select Enable.

Group membership

Any group assignments are listed in this section. 

For more information on groups, see Configure Users and Groups.


The roles assigned to the user are listed. For more information, see Roles Page.


In this section, you can review the maximal set of privileges that are assigned to the user.

User Details

Information on the current status and recent activity of the user. If the user has any platform roles, they are listed here. These roles can be enabled or disabled when you edit the user.For more information, see Users Page.

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